What is SISMod?

SISMod is an economic modelling system developed by VAM that serves as a food security analysis tool.

Shock Impact Simulation Model



A tool to measure the impact of shocks on food security in vulnerable countries

What is SISMod?


SISMod provides early estimates of

the impacts of shocks to inform the initial development of response scenarios.


What is SISMod used for?

How does SISMod work?

SISMod is based on the Agricultural Household Model (Singh, 1986) and extended by a two-stage-demand system, adding demand elasticities from the Linear Almost Ideal Demand System (Deaton, 1986).

SISMod coverts a statistical analysis system to a user-friendly Excel/Access platform for easy use.

Is SISMod accessible?

For more information, contact:


Economic and Market Analysis Unit 


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